Nutrition after a bodybuilding workout

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In the next 20 to 30 minutes after training, you need to eat a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates. This is the only time when it is allowed to include carbohydrates with a relatively high glycemic index in the diet, that is, fast carbohydrates. During this time period, the so-called post-workout, anabolic or protein-carbohydrate window is open in the body. For … Read more

Pre-workout nutrition in bodybuilding

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Nutrition before training during a set of muscle mass should contain carbohydrates, proteins, while it is necessary to limit the fat content (preferably no more than 3-5 grams). Take food before the start of the training process should be no later than 60-90 minutes before it starts (depending on the digestibility of food). It is not recommended to attend a workout on … Read more

Bodybuilding menu

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Many bodybuilders face the problem of choosing products, so we consider it necessary to list those products from which you can form a full-fledged diet for gaining muscle mass. Most products contain both protein, fat, and carbohydrates, so the division is made conditionally, just to give emphasis. Do not eat the same food in large quantities for … Read more

Diet for gaining muscle mass

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Most of the modern diets used in bodybuildingare not quite correct. This is due to the desire of each author to invent something new when creating their own diet, but in 99% of cases these innovations are completely absurd, and sometimes even harmful. Sophisticated cycling techniques, a preference for certain specific foods, difficulty in preparing products, ridiculous combinations — all … Read more

5 basic Exercises for weight growth

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Studies show that the exercises that most strongly affect the production of testosterone and growth hormone: deadlift and barbell lift with a jump up. Other exercises, especially isolationexercises , have significantly less impact. Given that lifting a barbell with a jump up is a difficult and potentially traumatic exercise, it is not recommended for beginners and intermediate athletes. In addition, it is difficult … Read more

What to catchup on 

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Until the 19th century, all cells, especially in police stations, were like cages made of thick steel bars. Prisoners of that time did not have a problem finding the crossbar. However, after some time, in order to avoid cases of suicide, the walls and ceiling of such cells began to be made solid. Therefore, today prisoners can only … Read more

Pull-ups to the chest or to the chin

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Many people don’t understand the difference between these two types of exercises. For example, some trainers say that in pull-ups (pullups), the chest should rise to the level of the crossbar, while others believe that only the chin should be higher than the crossbar. In Europe, chinups have become synonymous with regular pull-ups. In the United States—these terms … Read more

Useful properties

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I may have gone too deep in the previous paragraph. Or did I just spend too much time alone thinking about push-ups? and pull-ups. Or maybe both. Who knows? But whether you agree with my theory or not, there is no denying that pull-ups are underestimated by modern athletes. When the torso is mentioned, everyone thinks of chest muscles, strong arms, and … Read more

Pull-ups on a horizontal

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Pull-ups – this exercise is most often performed on a horizontal bar; working muscle groups: a complex of muscles of the arms (mainly forearms,biceps) and back (latissimus). The wider the hand grip on the crossbar, the more load falls on the latissimus dorsi muscles; the narrower the grip – the more load falls on the biceps. If you … Read more

Lying position, breathing, conscious contraction

In the beginning, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic things and make them as simple as possible. Before the introduction, before the exercise itself, spend some time stretching the shortened parts – in this case, focus mainly on the area of ​​lumbar straighteners, hip flexors, but also pectoral muscles, the front of … Read more