I’m starting to practice (I.) – introduction

День рук, день ног: эффективны ли сплит-тренировки? | Фитнес | Онлайн-журнал #ЯWorldClass

  Before I started writing this introductory article, I thought about the name of the planned series – what a complete beginner would enter into Internet search engines, for example, to get answers to his important questions. In the end, I took it quite simply and perhaps the name is clear enough and therefore usable for … Read more

Squat. Shyb.

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Squat Basic exercises to strengthen and exercise the lower half of the body. However, the muscles of the torso are also important for stabilization, the strength of which you will appreciate especially in the next phase of training, when you add an external load. If you do not have ambitions in weightlifting, explosive disciplines of athletics, … Read more

I’m starting to practice – practicing basic exercises

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Last part we talked about breathing, body core and stretching. I hope that you are already a little clear on these topics and that you are working hard on yourself. As for stretching, I am preparing a descriptive and photographic article, with precise positions and stretching exercises, with which you can perform stretching. Basic exercises In today’s … Read more

Pull-ups to the chest or to the chin

Как подтягиваться без турника

Many people don’t understand the difference between these two types of exercises. For example, some trainers say that in pull-ups (pullups), the chest should rise to the level of the crossbar, while others believe that only the chin should be higher than the crossbar. In Europe, chinups have become synonymous with regular pull-ups. In the United States—these terms … Read more

What to do with severe muscle pain

Как избавиться от жестокой мышечной боли

We all know muscle pain. We can’t even lift the fork to our mouths, and some walking up the stairs is out of the question. So what can we do to prevent muscle pain? And how can you help when our muscles hurt for the next few days? How does muscle pain limit us? Muscle pain caused by … Read more

All About Cardio – What Is Proper Cardio Exercise?

Кардио - это... Что такое кардио в ММА? – mmajab.com

“Can’t you lose weight? And did you try cardio? ”What about cardio? What is cardio exercise and how often do you run it? What cardio exercises can you do? What is cardio? Cardio is a type of training in which we do not strain the muscles by strengthening, but, on the contrary, warm the body with a quick … Read more

Home Gym – How to Equip Your Home Gym

Как оборудовать домашний спортзал

If you are an athlete, whether beginner or advanced, you have probably thought that it would be nice to have a fitness machine at home, whether it is just dumbbells or a whole group of fitness sets. If you have decided to buy fitness equipment, but you do not know which would be best for you, … Read more

10 tips on how to gain muscle mass – a guide to strengthening

Как нарастить мышечную массу

The most important basics The absolute basis of successful muscle building are three points: diet, sports and relaxation. Now we will say a little about them and discuss them in more detail below. The menu is probably the biggest basis. It indicates how your body will be nourished. It is about what gives us energy and also what … Read more