10 tips on how to gain muscle mass – a guide to strengthening

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The most important basics

The absolute basis of successful muscle building are three points: diet, sports and relaxation. Now we will say a little about them and discuss them in more detail below.

The menu is probably the biggest basis. It indicates how your body will be nourished. It is about what gives us energy and also what our body lives on. If we supply the body with fast food, sweet minerals and cola, cakes, chips and other unhealthy foods, it will have a negative effect on it – we supply unhealthy, the body is also “unhealthy”. On the contrary, if you supply the body with quality proteins, proteins, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates with lots of vitamins and minerals, you will eat vegetables, meat, drink a lot of water and so on, it will be reflected on your body – this time positively. It is not for nothing that we are said to be what we eat.

Sport and movement, especially strengthening, is the second most basic point, without which it simply cannot be done. When losing weight, exercise often goes to the second place, the first is the diet, but when gaining muscle mass, the diet and exercise are somehow almost in the same place. Your muscles will not grow on their own. Therefore, strengthen a lot and give the body work. Thank you for that in time.

So the last is rest and regeneration. How the muscles are relaxed and regenerated directly affects our next performance. If we overdo it with exercise, we will give smaller performances, muscles will be constantly tired, which will lead to muscle formation lasting much longer and enough, and moreover, it is quite possible that we will no longer enjoy all this muscle building. Despite the fact that constant exhaustion also affects our psyche.

Как набрать мышечную массу10 tips on how to successfully gain muscle mass

1. Eat healthy

As we have already mentioned, a healthy diet is the basis of a healthy body. And in a healthy body, muscles build 1000 times better and faster than in an unhealthy body.

2. Add protein

Protein is one of the most basic foods of athletes and it is also one of the basic macronutrients. She is responsible for almost everything related to muscles, including growth, regeneration and maintenance. So protein should be in every budbuilder’s kitchen.

3. Don’t overeat

Overeating leads to obesity, a known fact. And so it is when you want to build muscle. When building muscles, it is good to eat a lot (and well), but overeating so that we have a constantly sore stomach is not good even then. Therefore, be careful, you could gain a lot of unwanted fats in this way.

4. Don’t be silly

Sweetening just for fitness is not suitable. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop tasting your meals, a healthy diet is very excellent. Don’t eat junk food. Exclude mainly sweets, potato chips, greasy cuisine such as fried cheese with french fries, fast food, sweetened drinks, and best of all, including juices, cola drinks, mineral water and so on.

5. Drink a lot

The drinking regime supports a lot of positive events in our body. For example, it helps us excrete impurities, salt, helps to lose weight, has positive effects on the psyche and, of course, also helps us build muscle. Drink mainly water if possible. If you don’t like ordinary water very much, you can try lemon water or sparkling water as an alternative – both taste different and some may suit you better.

6. Strengthen and exercise

Not to mention that. Strengthening is absolutely crucial for successful muscle building. Muscles do not form on their own, so really focus on lighting.

7. Give space to rest

Like sports or a diet, rest is important. Regenerated muscles give much more power and lead to bigger, faster and more efficient results.

8. Regularity is important

Regularity is harmony for the body. So involve regularity in many areas. First, sleep regularly. Go to bed on the same day every day and sleep at about the same time. For example, 8 hours every day. Likewise, add regularity to your diet. Do not starve or overwhelm the body. For example, eat 5-6 times a day, smaller portions about every 3 hours. The results will then be more visible.

9. Create a plan

At least for a start, it’s definitely a great choice. Before you start changing your lifestyle, at least go through what awaits you. Tell yourself what your goals are (make them realistic), what you will do for them, what you will change, what you will keep, and simply prepare a plan that you will be able to follow. Think, for example, about how you combine exercise with work, or what you will eat for lunch when you can’t cook at work.

10. Hold on

The last tip is to stick with it! Create enough motivation so that you don’t cut down with exercise soon. It is not possible to gain muscle in a day, not in a week or in a month. The human body changes slowly, so definitely do not despair if you do not see any extreme changes after the first month. Hang in there and they’ll show up.

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