How to start running and enduring – it’s all about running

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Running is an excellent cardio for losing weight, or for warming up in front of the gym or just when you want to clear your head. Would you like to start running, but you don’t know how to motivate yourself and how to stand while running? Read our article for advice on how to get started.

What to focus on at the beginning?

Motivate yourself to run

It’s not that hard to motivate yourself at all. In fact, summarize a little why you want to run, what your goals are, how running is good for you and in general – find beauty in running. Because then you really start to enjoy running and you will run with joy.

So what could be the basic points of motivation and reasons to run?

Everyone ever started

And it is clear that no beginner was an expert. And everyone probably didn’t enjoy it at first. But over time, you will find that you no longer run just to lose weight, to be healthy, to be fit. All these points and many more will blend in, and you will find that you are running for the sake of running itself. Because of the feeling you start to have while running. Because you just enjoy it.

You will be fully aware of all the benefits that running brings you, it will make you happy that you are doing something for yourself, that you are overcoming yourself and that you actually want to run.

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So how do you fall in love with running?

Sure, you won’t enjoy it in the beginning. You will only run for the reasons mentioned above. But the moment you overcome the barrier, you will start to enjoy running.

Once you get to the point where you will be able to run a longer distance without any problems and you will not only think about how you are looking forward to running (you will create better physical condition, or you will slow down and slow down the run), you will find that disappear for a while, close your thoughts and completely relax.

Choose the right running aids

You will also be helped to get various motivation for getting running jogging accessories, because hand on heart, running in uncomfortable leisure sneakers, with a bag that constantly hits your thighs, or holding a phone and drinking in your hand is not pleasant for anyone. When you arrange the run according to yourself and in such a way that you feel comfortable, you will definitely want to go running much more often than before.

There are plenty of running equipment. Let’s take a walk together, what running accessories exist and which ones to choose.

Running shoes

Running shoes are the basis for runners, so it is advisable that you feel comfortable in your running shoes and do not feel that something is pushing or hurting you during sports.

Jogging clothes

Whether it’s leggings, pants, shorts, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and more, you have to feel comfortable and fit in what you run for. Therefore, it is good to choose suitable clothes for such a sport

Jogging watch

The running watch is an excellent tool for counting steps or gps and the like.

Mobile phone holder for jogging

The mobile phone holder is probably the complete basis. Listening to music is a very popular activity while running. And holding a phone in your hand is not twice as pleasant.

Running bags

And of course – you run, but your bag on your back bounces or the bag hits your thighs. There are running bags or sports kidneys , thanks to which you will have a different experience from running.

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What’s the best thing about running?

  • It can be operated wherever you are
  • It has a positive effect on the psyche
  • Helps treat addictions
  • Helps from stress and problems
  • It improves your condition
  • It improves your health, brain function, heart
  • It brings endorphin
  • It is a powerful tool for weight loss and weight reduction
  • Improves metabolism and immunity
  • It’s free and whenever you want

What to watch out for?

  • Don’t rush
  • Don’t set unattainable goals
  • Run where you like it (don’t run on full trails if you don’t feel there)
  • Don’t go jogging in time pressure (if you don’t manage to run before work, don’t try to catch it fast, rather run in the evening)
  • Don’t go running every day (you could soon be demotivated and tired, you would be very exhausted)