How to take the first steps in the gym?

Тренировка табата: упражнения для похудения на видео |

In the e-shop, you can buy the book Basics of Training and Sports Nutrition suitable for all beginners from last year , who want to make their efforts effectively and see the first real results soon. The author of this publication is Ing. Jan Smejkal, editor of, whose articles are among the most read on our server. We believe … Read more

Dennis Wolf and his pectoral muscle training

To few bodybuilders in history, his fans placed greater hopes of winning the Mr. Olympia than to Dennis Wolf. It is no coincidence, then, that in addition to his usual nickname, “Big Bad Wolf,” he was often referred to as “Mr. Potential.” Before we focus on his training and tips for the development of pectoral muscles, it certainly … Read more

How to start running with a dog – canicross

Как бегать со своей собакой | Nike Fans | Яндекс Дзен

Do you have a dog and do you like to run? Would you like your dog to be able to run with you? It’s a great idea. This sport even has its name – canicross. It will more than benefit your pet and you can combine your two favorite activities into one. Don’t know how … Read more

Sets for exercise with your own body

4 базовых упражнения с собственным весом для мужчин дома. ОФП для  поддержания силы мышц. | health and beauty | Яндекс Дзен

Why is it good to exercise with your own body? Strength training with your own body is a great kind of strengthening. For many of them you don’t need anything, for some you just have a bar, or a pad / bench and the like. So when you’re in the gym, for example, and your favorite machines … Read more

Diet for beginners to gain muscle mass

5 принципов питания при наборе мышечной массы / Разное / XCOM-HOBBY

Are you a beginning athlete and don’t know how to create the right diet? In this article, we will simply teach you how to compile such a menu yourself, at home and completely free of charge. The menu is the basis of everything when it comes to changing characters. And it’s no different with gaining muscle. To better … Read more

Stretching and stretching – how to be more flexible

Динамическая растяжка в Химках | Republika

Stretching is one of the basic types of exercise. Although many neglect the stretch, you should focus on it. Let’s see why this is so. What is stretching? Stretching is stretching the muscles (from the English stretch – stretching, flexibility). And stretching is very important for our body. It is a sports activity in which we stretch our muscles … Read more

TOP 18: The best proteins on the market – comparisons and reviews

Сеть фитнес-клубов в Новосибирске — купить в Новосибирске | Готовый бизнес  | объявление # 1546704

What is a protein? Even if you are not an experienced athlete, you have probably heard of proteins or protein drinks. So what are proteins? Simply put: protein is a protein (protein in English means protein, so it is a synonym). It is one of the three macronutrients that make up our food (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Proteins … Read more