Supplements – dietary supplements for athletes

БАДы в спортивном питании. Схемы приёма спортивного питания

Vitamins are vital for the body. We all hear about it, but who among us really knows what the lack of vitamins and minerals will bring us?

Where to buy vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements?

We would recommend you to buy food supplements online. Of course – anyone who is interested, food supplements can also be found in stone shops.

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What substances to focus on?


We have compiled a whole article about the protein , where we take a closer look at how to choose a protein, what exactly a protein is and all the other necessary information about proteins. Protein is taken as an energy value – it is calculated in the daily intake, it is not like a pill. Protein is the basic supplement that an athlete should have. It is central to our muscles, body building, mass building and so on. Therefore, we highly recommend the protein.

As for other substances, whether minerals or vitamins, it is advisable to supplement the actual recommended amount, so definitely do not overdo it with them and always study carefully how much you should take.

There are many vitamins and minerals. We have summarized for you the ones that are most important for athletes.


This mineral significantly affects muscle activity, carbohydrate utilization, or protein synthesis.

Potassium is an mineral for athletes, which they probably need in the largest amount compared to others.

The recommended daily dose is a whole 2000 – 4000 mg (2 – 4 grams).


If you have a demanding workout, it is advisable to supplement your body with magnesium. If you have low magnesium, cramps, headaches or muscle fatigue may occur. Magnesium is ideal for better regeneration.

The recommended daily dose is about 400 mg (0.4 g)


Be careful with iodine, we need to supplement it so that we have the right energy, fast metabolism, or are not tired and swollen.

The recommended daily dose is very small – about 150 μg (0.00015 g)

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the greatest basis of our vision. But it is also important for our skin or bone growth and immunity.

Its recommended daily dose is 1 mg (0.001 g)

Vitamin D

We all know this vitamin from the sun. It is important for our mental state, but also for our immune system in general. Especially in winter, when the sun is far away and it cannot supply us to such an extent, it is advisable to supplement this vitamin.

The recommended daily dose is 5 μg (0.000005 g)

Vitamin E

As for vitamin E, it serves as an antioxidant. It not only protects our body and our cells from harmful particles that can get into our body, thus protecting our immunity, but it also protects vitamin A or stabilizes our cell membranes.

The recommended daily dose is 15 mg (0.015 g)


In connection with sports, we can also hear about sodium, but this mineral does not need to be supplemented. It is contained in almost all foods – it is salt. Excess sodium is not healthy for our body, so do not supplement with sodium.

However, sodium also has its important positives. It is essential for our body, its function together with potassium forms the so-called sodium-sodium pump, which helps maintain pressure. Furthermore, sodium is crucial for the proper digestive process, the formation of red blood cells, and for athletes it is also the proper hydration of the body.

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