I’m starting to practice (I.) – introduction

День рук, день ног: эффективны ли сплит-тренировки? | Фитнес | Онлайн-журнал #ЯWorldClass

  Before I started writing this introductory article, I thought about the name of the planned series – what a complete beginner would enter into Internet search engines, for example, to get answers to his important questions. In the end, I took it quite simply and perhaps the name is clear enough and therefore usable for … Read more

I’m starting to practice (III.) – stretching, core, breathing

Влияние тренировок на сексуальность | Спортивный портал Mixsport.pro

We are moving slowly and certainly further, we have already clarified some foundation. Last time we talked mainly about proper posture, determining short-term goals with respect to the long-term goal. Today, we will start doing something more specifically. The main content of today’s work will be facts about stretching, core and breathing. Stretching, flexibility, mobility You can read … Read more

Body core (II.) – from theory in small steps to practice

In the last part, we started a topic that has been sung many times, namely strengthening the body’s core. We have explained the anatomical characteristics of the area, the importance of the functioning of this system and perhaps I have convinced you that it is useful to us. Today we will focus on specific methods of how to … Read more

Health condition. Correct body posture.

Занятия в тренажерном зале: методы силовых тренировок и программа для  начинающих | Marie Claire

This point really cannot be ignored. Everything, including training (what style to direct it, how to start, what to do and not to do), depends on the state of health. Unfortunately, a large number of people neglect it, and then even out of unimportant details, big problems arise. An ideal case before starting sports after a … Read more

Squat. Shyb.

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Squat Basic exercises to strengthen and exercise the lower half of the body. However, the muscles of the torso are also important for stabilization, the strength of which you will appreciate especially in the next phase of training, when you add an external load. If you do not have ambitions in weightlifting, explosive disciplines of athletics, … Read more

I’m starting to practice – practicing basic exercises

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Last part we talked about breathing, body core and stretching. I hope that you are already a little clear on these topics and that you are working hard on yourself. As for stretching, I am preparing a descriptive and photographic article, with precise positions and stretching exercises, with which you can perform stretching. Basic exercises In today’s … Read more

Body nucleus (I.) – anatomy, basic functions

We have already addressed this topic and its impact on the non-professional and professional public here . But what is really missing here? An article about a theoretical view of what it’s all about, how it works, and why we should really want it to work as it should. Today, every “modern exerciser” already knows the term core, or … Read more

Why people don’t achieve their goals

Finally, there is a period when crowded fitness centers are slowly starting to relax. Rows of “New Year’s” enthusiastic enthusiasts are thinning. Finally, we won’t have to wait in line for a cardio machine and maybe we’ll have some mats left if we want to work out on the ground… But how did most of those … Read more

Fast (simple) carbohydrates

Быстрые углеводы польза и вред | Osporte.info | Яндекс Дзен

Fast or simple carbohydrates are sweet-tasting organic compounds that consist of one or two monosaccharide molecules. Sweeteners are used as an alternative to fast carbohydrates . Foods with the highest sugar content Simple carbohydrates are divided into two groups:: Monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, galactose); Disaccharides (sucrose, lactose, maltose). Products Foods that contain a large amount of fast carbohydrates include: … Read more