Sets for exercise with your own body

Круговые домашние тренировки с собственным весом | Трансформация тела

Why is it good to exercise with your own body?

Strength training with your own body is a great kind of strengthening. For many of them you don’t need anything, for some you just have a bar, or a pad / bench and the like. So when you’re in the gym, for example, and your favorite machines are full, you can work out like this in the meantime.

Where to strengthen with your own body? You can strengthen most at home – this is the advantage of these exercises. You can also use the exercises in the gym. Not only does the area around the gym motivate you to perform better, but fitness centers usually have equipment (such as mats, mats, horizontal bars, etc.) that are suitable for many exercises

Exercises for belly

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Start the exercise sitting, in a slight incline. Slowly bring your head closer to your knees, as if you wanted to wrap yourself between your thighs. Then move away again in the same way. Repeat the exercise.

Hand exercises

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Sit on the floor, place your hands on the mat / board / bench behind you (picture), lift your hips above the ground so that you only touch with your heels. Then click – use the muscles in your arms to approach and move away from the ground.

Foot exercises

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Classic lunges, when you move forward or backward while standing and then you go back.