Work on your squats, even when you’re tall!


The big guy’s journey to the first push

If you are tall, heavy and have long arms, it is quite possible that you will not be able to do a single bend. That’s not right. Strength is power. Everyone should be able to practice push-ups. You too can find a way to work towards them, despite your somatotype.

What do you need to realize first? Your range of motion is likely to be longer than with people with short arms. It is a clamping of laths. If you place a tall and a small man next to each other, you will notice that the taller one will not have such a strong flexion in the elbows during maximum contraction.

Yes, the battens are fastened high on the arm of most people. However, the real variable is the length of that arm, which determines how far you have to pull to fully engage your back without the help of other muscles.

You may be destroying yourself to achieve a range of motion that is not necessary for your character type. Don’t be tormented by trying to get your chest to the axis. Follow the contractions. That will be better for you.

For lost cases: Vis in the grip grip and pause

Go back to high school and remember the vis in the grip grip. This will allow anyone to practice holding the isometric posture in the upper position of the exercise. Holding up – even if only for a second – is something that most exercisers neglect.

If you’re big and heavy, you can’t be expected to hang there for 60 seconds like in seventh grade. I can currently handle 30-35 seconds when I have a good day. Start at 10 seconds and try to get higher.

Get started with help

When it comes to the muscles in your back, don’t worry about exercise, but give yourself the help you need to do more repetitions.

The muscles of the upper back, which hold an upright posture, respond well to higher numbers of repetitions and a high volume of work. Although the push-ups are good, wrapping it in 3 reps is worse for muscle development than hanging in the rubber and squeezing more reps with 20-30% help. This recommendation has nothing to do with strength, only volume.

Stop at the top of each repetition for a few seconds to take advantage of the resistance profile. Remember that the rubber will help you the most down where it is most stretched. Enjoy the strongest contraction above. In addition, the peak is a place where most people, especially the larger ones, lack strength and technology.

Practice push-ups in circles

If you are large and wide, your bends will not be pleasant for your joints, especially your shoulders and wrists.

Each variant of overhead strokes has its unique advantages for back training, and hybrid methods are no exception. Neutral grip movements are effective, but the circle variant is unrivaled. The ability to rotate the rings on pull adds a very natural feel, destroying the battens and forcing you to work on stability.

I have practiced most of my push-ups on circles or swivels in the last year. The results speak for themselves – especially when you return to a solid crossbar. Strength is completely different.

If your gym doesn’t have rings, invest in swivel hinges that you attach to the crossbar and it will be a problem.