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If you are an athlete, whether beginner or advanced, you have probably thought that it would be nice to have a fitness machine at home, whether it is just dumbbells or a whole group of fitness sets. If you have decided to buy fitness equipment, but you do not know which would be best for you, you have come to the right place. We will try to help you clearly with the selection of all the equipment you need to build muscle at home.

What is important to know before you buy equipment

To begin with, it is good to say that the words “home gym” do not necessarily mean a large room with all the exercise machines. It can be only one or two machines, or even just a few dumbbells, one bench and the like. In short, the point is that you can buy tools at home, thanks to which you will simply enlarge your muscles. And there are many reasons to do so. If you’re wondering whether to buy machines at home, read the reasons that lead others to buy fitness equipment.

Save time. If you have fitness machines at home, it is much faster for you to work out. You don’t have to go to the gym, prepare clothes, drinks, money and the like with you. Just dress comfortably, stretch and you can exercise.

You can exercise whenever you want. You will not be tied to fitness center opening hours, distance, connections and so on. Also, you will not come to the gym and your machine will be occupied. You will have it free and always available.

You will save money. In the long run, it is much more advantageous for you to buy a machine at home. You don’t have to pay all the time for admission to gyms and season tickets to the gym. So it’s a one-time investment.

It’s more motivating. If the machine you bought stands in your room, you will only be motivated by looking at it. You get the urge to use it and work out, even if only for a moment. In addition, it can be used as a good distraction from work or school, or from problems in general.

You will train nicely in private. If you are a beginning athlete, or perhaps the type who does not like to exercise in front of others for any reason, no one will see you while working out at home in the room. So no one will look at you and you will not have to be afraid that you may not be doing the right movement, or be ashamed that you will not lift as much as a colleague next to you and so on.

And overall – exercising at home is much more enjoyable. No one and nothing stresses you, you can do it yourself, plan your workouts when it suits you and you don’t have to limit yourself to anyone or anything else.

Where to choose quality machines and how much to spend on equipment

Our recommendation is clearly the online store  not only is their equipment very high quality, but the e-shop is also clear and modern. In terms of price, the trade is at normal rates and it certainly cannot be called overpriced.

And when it comes to spending money on equipment. It is easy. If you know that you train twice a month and only for a while, then it probably doesn’t make much sense to buy a leg press for 40,000 crowns. You better buy dumbbells for a few hundred and you are taken care of. But if you take sports seriously and know that investing 6,000 in a weight tower will pay off, go ahead. If you count all the season tickets to the gym (usually for about half a year for 2-3 thousand), it will come back to you. Regardless of the fact that you have to stretch through the city before you get to your favorite gym and the fact that you don’t even know if there won’t be a lot of people again and you won’t work out properly.

Simply think – if you decide to use the machine, buy it. It may motivate you even more. When you walk around the purchased door bar at home, you may want to work out for a while, especially when it comes to the day when you have to force yourself to the gym.

What machines to buy

Of course, it depends on what your goal is. If you are an experienced athlete, you probably already know what machines you would like to buy. If not, we will try to help you with the selection.


To begin with, what is definitely good to have in a home gym are one-handed Chinese , two-handed Chinese , Chinese sets , vin-belly and ketlebels . If you buy Chinese, we definitely recommend buying loading Chinese (Chinese for which you can increase and decrease weight).


We definitely also recommend that you buy a bench for a bench press (it will be very useful for you). You can buy cheap and simple , or maybe multifunctional .

Bars and parallel bars

Perhaps the simplest equipment that should not be missing in any home gym are bars and parallel bars . Attachments can be done anywhere, they are exercises with their own weight and the bars are not expensive. You can buy free-standing bars , but also door , ceiling , or wall .

Fitness towers

These machines are amazing tools. If you are an avid athlete, you want to strengthen and increase your strength, strength towers are one of the tools that help you a lot. As standard, they have equipment for strengthening all body parts. So the unrivaled advantage of towers is that you invest once and have a machine for everything. So they are ideal for anyone who knows they want to play sports and build muscle. The prices of the towers depend on how many functions they have, but you can find the cheapest ones for as little as CZK 5,600.

Other strengthening machines

Other machines that are really suitable for the gym include leg presses , weight stands , a large number of fitness equipment such as weight belts and much more.


The treadmill is a great machine for cardio (especially in winter). The body should be warmed up before training. Treadmills start with their prices a little over 5000, -.

Other cardio machines

Elliptical trainers , rowing machines , steppers  and more are also suitable for cardio .

Stretching equipment

Various fitness mats , gymnastic balls and more are definitely suitable for stretching

Where to place the home gym

A separate ventilated room is probably best for a home gym, but this may not be the rule. Not everyone has an extra room that can be used as a gym. If you have such a room, good for you! And you who do not have such a room, do not despair. Exercise machines can actually be placed wherever there is a little space. It depends on your preferences and what kind of household you are in. You must have seen an exercise bike in someone’s living room many times.

So choose a room for your exercise where you will feel comfortable, you will have a place on the machine and, if possible, you will be able to ventilate.

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