All About Cardio – What Is Proper Cardio Exercise?

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“Can’t you lose weight? And did you try cardio? ”What about cardio? What is cardio exercise and how often do you run it? What cardio exercises can you do?

What is cardio?

Cardio is a type of training in which we do not strain the muscles by strengthening, but, on the contrary, warm the body with a quick movement and evenly. With the right cardio, we should start to feel warm, our heart rate should increase, our heart and proper breathing should be involved, our whole body should warm up evenly, wake up and start.

What is the purpose of cardio?

Cardio is important for several reasons.

It helps us prepare for intense training – the body warms up, warms up and adjusts to the subsequent energy output. That is why it is important to involve cardio before training – we will start the muscles and heart, we will prepare for exercise.

After cardio, the body loses weight. So we force the body to expend more energy. If the cardio is right, we will give the body quite a drop and force it to take over. That’s why we then burn more calories and what’s even better – after cardio, when the muscles are warmed up, we lose more weight with normal movement than we would normally lose.

Another advantage of cardio is that it helps us to the health and proper functioning of the body. Our body will get used to it and in time we will not have such a problem climbing four groups of stairs.

What should proper cardio look like?

After the right intensive cardio, we should be properly warmed up and short of breath. The more our goal is to lose weight, the more we should shock the body.

So don’t try to get to the point where it will be easy for you to run ten kilometers and not breathe – unless your goal is to run ten kilometers or even breathe.

It is therefore advisable to rotate cardio. And by that we mean alternating both types of cardio and intensity – basically and simply surprise the body. Don’t run the same number of kilometers every two days – your body will get used to it and will no longer exert as much effort on this activity as before. Of course, if this is your goal, if you want to be the best in running and run as much as possible, this is the right choice.

If not, try to run once for half an hour, next time go to the zumba, then try running again, but for an hour. And then slow down again, go for a week only for walks and add again. In short, always surprise your body and don’t let it get used to it.

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How long and how often do cardio work?

As we have already written, it is good to shock the body with cardio.

What definitely not to do? Avoid starting to walk in the park for half an hour every Tuesday and Friday. This is a complete killer and it will be of no use to you. Your body is adapted to knowing exactly when it will need energy and when it will have to run. That is why it also stores stocks, among other things. If you give him a regular regimen in cardio, it will definitely not harm his health, but losing weight will not help that much. You better decide to start running now. And go jogging four times a week, running a different one after each one. It doesn’t have to be a sprint, don’t exhaust your body to the bone. If you don’t like running, a quick walk is enough. Perform the activity for 20 minutes. Next week, only run twice for half an hour. And a week later, maybe three times forty minutes. And then run only twice for twenty minutes and add to the intensity of the cardio.

And remember that diet is the basis. If you do not eat properly, you will not see results in weight loss.

Combination of cardio with strengthening

Cardio somehow goes hand in hand with strength training. So it is definitely good to combine these two disciplines. Why? Because if we say a lot around and around, then cardio is for weight loss and strengthening for increasing muscle mass.

An excellent style of strengthening is strengthening with your own weight, then you can use, for example, Chinese or strengthening machines .

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Types of cardia


Running is perhaps the most famous, easiest and one of the most effective cardiacs ever. The simplest is precisely because you don’t really need anything for it, just yourself. You can run anywhere. to nature, to the forest, to the park, or even to the city. During this, you warm up the whole body evenly, you take on the heart and lungs and, of course, you lose weight.

Cycling, skating

By riding a bike or on skates, similarly to running, we strain all the muscles in the body. We can also choose other aids, such as a skateboard or longboard or scooter.

Cardio in the gym – cardio machines

This can be the already mentioned run, but on a treadmill, or “cycling” on the machine. There are also plenty of other cardio machines, you can choose for yourself from the options offered by your gym.


Swimming is great cardio, as well as strength training. Like running, this is the most effective sport for warming up the body, but unlike running, we are limited in the fact that we have to go to the pool, to the lake, or simply to the water. What’s more, when swimming, it’s great that our body is constantly hardened.

Team sports activities

If you have this option, it’s great for you. Such activities include sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, floorball, handball, volleyball and the like. Not only do you run these activities, but you do various other surprising movements for the body, and in many you also practice precision and the like.

HIIT – high intensity interval training

The principle of this cardio is that you alternate between intervals of intense cardio and intervals of rest. For example, sprint for 20 seconds and then 30 seconds of walking. Or jumping rope, jumping for just a few seconds again and then a moment of rest. Such cardio is only necessary, for example, 20 minutes for sufficient warming of the body.