Stretching and stretching – how to be more flexible

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Stretching is one of the basic types of exercise. Although many neglect the stretch, you should focus on it. Let’s see why this is so.

What is stretching?

Stretching is stretching the muscles (from the English stretch – stretching, flexibility). And stretching is very important for our body. It is a sports activity in which we stretch our muscles for better performance.

Flexibility and stretching are often taken lightly by athletes. However, it is one of the basic types of exercises, so you should definitely include it in your training plan.

The goal of stretching should be to know your own muscles and prevent stunting. In an ideal world, we should stretch absolutely all the muscles in our body, one by one, and figure out where their pitfalls are and where we can move them more. Each of us manages to stretch a muscle differently. Some do not reach out while standing or to the ankles, and others place their palms on the ground.

Myths about stretching

As with everything, we also encounter a lot of myths when stretching. For example, according to the myth, stretching should be uncomfortable. It is not true. Stretching should not be taken to extremes. Stretching the muscles should stretch a little, but only slightly. Otherwise, there is a risk of stretching the muscles, so everything in moderation.

Another such myth is that there is only one right way to stretch. That is also not true. There are countless ways to stretch and it’s up to you to choose. The results are important.

When to stretch?

Stretching is probably most important after training when the muscles are strained. This relaxes the body and prevents muscle pain in the coming days.

It is also advisable to stretch slightly before training, when you give the body and muscles a sign that physical activity is coming. In addition, if you take some cardio before stretching, you will do your best.

The last tip when to stretch is basically any time during the day when you want. If you stretch every day, even twice, you won’t spoil anything – it will only benefit your body.

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8 benefits of stretching

1. You improve flexibility with it
2. You increase the range of your movement
3. You improve physical performance
4. Your blood circulation is healthy
5. You improve posture
6. You prevent muscle pain
7. It will relieve you of stress
8. Calm your mind

What’s the point?

The benefits of stretching muscles are many – for example, achieving the right posture, stretching muscles, or the fact that your daily activities will be much easier for you, you will eliminate the risk of injury, whether during sports activities or any other activities in which you move, and last but not least, stretching will improve your mental state many times or help reduce stress and tension.

Furthermore, stretching helps protect muscles, prevent cramps, pain, or help regenerate.

Principles of stretching

There are almost no disadvantages to stretching, if we omit the possibility of injury, if we overdo it with stretching. If you decide to learn the grate, it is quite possible. But you won’t be able to do it in two days. Everything wants diligence, strong will and time. So be careful not to stretch your muscles when you exceed your limits. Such stretched muscle can hurt for months, and if something like this happens to you, you can be limited by this pain for quite a long time.

Make sure that you start stretching properly and warm up – preferably after cardio. You should also breathe properly when stretching – the principle is the same as yoga. When stretching into exercise and stretching – do it with exhalation. Conversely, when you leave the exercise, inhale.

Start the exercises from easier to harder. Do it slowly and piece by piece. The goal is not to make a rope or the like. The goal is to keep the muscles at rest.

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How to stretch properly

There are many ways to stretch. However, the principle is that you should stretch as much muscle as possible.

Choose the exercises you want. You don’t have to do any stereotype, practice exercises that will entertain you.

The basic principle is to get the muscle into a position where it hurts slightly (only slightly!), It is stretched, thus stretching and staying in position for 10 seconds.

Come back from the exercise slowly and calmly – and overall, do stretching calmly and slowly, not in a hurry. Stretching should not look like you are stretching your muscles at speed, flexing them very quickly and you’re done. On the contrary, do the stretching slowly, calmly and stay in the exercises for a longer time.

You don’t have to spend an hour and a half stretching every day, it won’t hurt you, but it’s definitely not the rule. All you have to do is stretch lightly before training and properly after training.

Focus on making sure your muscles really stretch – not what the exercises look like.

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