What to do with severe muscle pain

Боль в мышцах после тренировки: причины и лечение

We all know muscle pain. We can’t even lift the fork to our mouths, and some walking up the stairs is out of the question. So what can we do to prevent muscle pain? And how can you help when our muscles hurt for the next few days?

How does muscle pain limit us?

Muscle pain caused by strenuous training and straining greatly limits us in everyday life. It can happen that we suffer so much from pain that we can’t even sit at work or in the toilet. It’s hard for us to just fix our hair by raising our hands to our foreheads, because our whole biceps hurt unbelievably.

This pain is not pleasant for anyone, but it is probably the worst for those who live sports. If you are an avid athlete, it can slow down the exercise process and completely kick you out of the regimen for a few days. If you are used to exercising every day, or even every other day, a five-day break could be a nightmare for you. This can make it harder for you to return to mode. And if you decide not to allow it, training for pain may not be as effective.

How to get rid of muscle pain?

Stretching and stretching

Stretching muscles is the most effective way to prevent muscle pain. The best choice is to easily stretch the muscles and warm up before training, for example with a light cardio or just stretching. And it is very important to stretch the muscles after training. If you have undergone very demanding training, your muscles are now torn and damaged. It is not possible to completely prevent the subsequent pain, but by stretching them, you will greatly alleviate the subsequent pain.

Ice bath

An ice shower or bath after a hard workout can really help you from muscle pain. Many studies support this theory. Thanks to the cold water, your muscles contract and then relax – they bend really well. You can also treat yourself to an ice bath at home – simply fill the bathtub with cold water and pour ice into it. If you do not dare to take such an extreme, simply take a shower in the coldest fashion of your shower. And if you still don’t dare for a few minutes under ice water, choose a milder version as one minute of ice water and one cold in several series. This hardening effect is also used after sauna or steam. A few minutes in an ice bath is one way to greatly relieve muscle pain.


Protein, as you know, is the basic building blocks of muscle. They help regenerate and keep muscles in shape. So after a hard workout, supplement the body with what it needs – the amino acids into which the protein is broken down. After exercise, it is advisable to supplement the body with a protein with a fast absorption time, such as whey hydrolyzate or isolate.

Stay active

It may sound ridiculous, but after the muscles have been strained, it is advisable to reheat them. We don’t mean that you have to go to the gym again, lift heavy weights and put unnecessary strain on your muscles in excruciating pain – that would even be a bad choice. However, the day after strengthening your legs, choose light cardio such as running or swimming, or just stretching, and a walk can greatly help you speed up the pain.

Warm up

Do not misunderstand this method. If you warm up immediately after a strenuous workout, it will probably be much worse than doing nothing at all, on the contrary, as we have already mentioned, an ice bath will help you immediately after the workout. However, if your muscles hurt the next day and you warm them up with a pleasant hot bath, sauna or steam bath, you will help a lot. The muscles relax, relax and warm and relax.


Massages, such as stretching or a hot bath, will relax you, warm up your muscles, blood supply and help you with pain. Proper care of your muscle fibers will relieve the pain and make you much better. You can either go for a massage, or buy a massage stick, or you can buy massage machines for long-term muscle pain.

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