Health condition. Correct body posture.

Занятия в тренажерном зале: методы силовых тренировок и программа для  начинающих | Marie Claire

This point really cannot be ignored. Everything, including training (what style to direct it, how to start, what to do and not to do), depends on the state of health. Unfortunately, a large number of people neglect it, and then even out of unimportant details, big problems arise. An ideal case before starting sports after a … Read more

Body nucleus (I.) – anatomy, basic functions

We have already addressed this topic and its impact on the non-professional and professional public here . But what is really missing here? An article about a theoretical view of what it’s all about, how it works, and why we should really want it to work as it should. Today, every “modern exerciser” already knows the term core, or … Read more

Diet for gaining muscle mass

Набор мышечной массы - рацион на 5 дней

Most of the modern diets used in bodybuildingare not quite correct. This is due to the desire of each author to invent something new when creating their own diet, but in 99% of cases these innovations are completely absurd, and sometimes even harmful. Sophisticated cycling techniques, a preference for certain specific foods, difficulty in preparing products, ridiculous combinations — all … Read more

Useful properties

Подтягивания для девушек: миссия выполнима? » KGB.UA Journal -  Информационно-развлекательный портал

I may have gone too deep in the previous paragraph. Or did I just spend too much time alone thinking about push-ups? and pull-ups. Or maybe both. Who knows? But whether you agree with my theory or not, there is no denying that pull-ups are underestimated by modern athletes. When the torso is mentioned, everyone thinks of chest muscles, strong arms, and … Read more

Basic principles of nutrition for beginners

Как долго ждать эффекта от тренировок - Блог Decathlon

Are you starting to work out and would you like to know how to do it? Do you want to eat better, but does it make it difficult for you to become familiar with sports nutrition? Are you groping for thousands of articles on weight training, diet and training? If so, the guide from our publishing house … Read more

Take a look at the 7 most important exercises in each workout!

Становая тяга как инструмент построения сильной спины | Бодибилдинг,  Упражнения для спины, Теория, Train For Gain

  No matter what type of exerciser you are, or how your training is organized in a full body style, ie during one training unit you exercise the whole body, or you have training divided into pressures / moves, or you prefer split by parts, below you will find the most effective exercises that you … Read more

Work on your squats, even when you’re tall!


  The big guy’s journey to the first push If you are tall, heavy and have long arms, it is quite possible that you will not be able to do a single bend. That’s not right. Strength is power. Everyone should be able to practice push-ups. You too can find a way to work towards them, despite your somatotype. … Read more

Follow these tips and improve your bench!

Фитнес с Алексеем Василенко: самые эффективные тренировки для снижения веса  | Posta-Magazine

  1 – We will first discuss the basics: The head, upper back, buttocks and legs are in contact with the bench or floor. The shoulder blades are retracted to keep your chest up. The back is slightly arched. You lower the axis onto the nipples and your elbows are vertically below the axis. You push … Read more

Supplements – dietary supplements for athletes

Витамины и добавки в спорте

Vitamins are vital for the body. We all hear about it, but who among us really knows what the lack of vitamins and minerals will bring us? Where to buy vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements? We would recommend you to buy food supplements online. Of course – anyone who is interested, food supplements can … Read more

Top 10 Weight Loss Tablets – Comparisons and Reviews

Врач-онколог назвал три простых правила похудения | Новости | Известия |  10.01.2019

What are tablets / slimming products Tablets or weight loss products are dietary supplements that help us lose weight. They usually have functions such as weight reduction, helping with weight loss, preventing the formation of fats, speeding up and improving metabolism, reducing the appetite for sweets and much more. However, all of these features are … Read more