I’m starting to practice (III.) – stretching, core, breathing

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We are moving slowly and certainly further, we have already clarified some foundation. Last time we talked mainly about proper posture, determining short-term goals with respect to the long-term goal. Today, we will start doing something more specifically. The main content of today’s work will be facts about stretching, core and breathing. Stretching, flexibility, mobility You can read … Read more

Pre-workout nutrition in bodybuilding

Диетологи рассказали о правильном питании для спортсмена

Nutrition before training during a set of muscle mass should contain carbohydrates, proteins, while it is necessary to limit the fat content (preferably no more than 3-5 grams). Take food before the start of the training process should be no later than 60-90 minutes before it starts (depending on the digestibility of food). It is not recommended to attend a workout on … Read more

What to catchup on 

Резинки для подтягиваний: купить резину для подтягивания - цены на Way4You

Until the 19th century, all cells, especially in police stations, were like cages made of thick steel bars. Prisoners of that time did not have a problem finding the crossbar. However, after some time, in order to avoid cases of suicide, the walls and ceiling of such cells began to be made solid. Therefore, today prisoners can only … Read more

Super slow repetitions to break stagnation

Sooner or later, every visitor to the fitness center will reach a stage where their progress will slow down or even stop completely. What can break the stagnation? Is it a different training plan? Exercise more often and more intensely? Eat more calories? Take supplements? Or maybe sleep more hours? Everything plays a role to some extent. Each change makes up an imaginary … Read more

Tension mobility – a key but missing component in your training

Почему так важно развивать гибкость тела и какие упражнения в этом помогут  - The-Challenger.ru

The inclusion of mobility in the training unit has become an increasingly common practice in recent years, and gradually the ratio of different variants of the static form of stretching is changing in favor of mobility, which is certainly commendable. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the long-term popularity of CrossFit and the associated demands … Read more

Exercise against the aging of body and spirit

The topic of this article is what none of us can avoid. It is age or individual irreversible physiological process of involution of the organism. Aging brings us certain unpleasant changes in body function that we have not encountered before, and we each deal with them differently. However, we will describe here how it is very easy to … Read more

Lose weight meaningfully and without injury

When trying to reduce excess fat reserves, it is necessary to proceed with caution and prudence. It is not enough just to compile and follow a rational nutrition plan. We need to reduce weight reduction as well as the overall lifestyle adjustment. An equally important role as a careful selection of quality food in the right amount is also played … Read more