Body core (II.) – from theory in small steps to practice

In the last part, we started a topic that has been sung many times, namely strengthening the body’s core. We have explained the anatomical characteristics of the area, the importance of the functioning of this system and perhaps I have convinced you that it is useful to us. Today we will focus on specific methods of how to … Read more

Why people don’t achieve their goals

Finally, there is a period when crowded fitness centers are slowly starting to relax. Rows of “New Year’s” enthusiastic enthusiasts are thinning. Finally, we won’t have to wait in line for a cardio machine and maybe we’ll have some mats left if we want to work out on the ground… But how did most of those … Read more

Nutrition after a bodybuilding workout

СПОРТсменам (питание, витамины, тренажеры) - Интернет-магазин - Добро Здраво

In the next 20 to 30 minutes after training, you need to eat a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates. This is the only time when it is allowed to include carbohydrates with a relatively high glycemic index in the diet, that is, fast carbohydrates. During this time period, the so-called post-workout, anabolic or protein-carbohydrate window is open in the body. For … Read more

Pull-ups on a horizontal

Как подтягиваться на перекладине - учимся правильной технике - ALEX FITNESS

Pull-ups – this exercise is most often performed on a horizontal bar; working muscle groups: a complex of muscles of the arms (mainly forearms,biceps) and back (latissimus). The wider the hand grip on the crossbar, the more load falls on the latissimus dorsi muscles; the narrower the grip – the more load falls on the biceps. If you … Read more

Lying position, breathing, conscious contraction

In the beginning, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic things and make them as simple as possible. Before the introduction, before the exercise itself, spend some time stretching the shortened parts – in this case, focus mainly on the area of ​​lumbar straighteners, hip flexors, but also pectoral muscles, the front of … Read more

Health aspects of strengthening: Healthy unhealthy activities

Improper technique, poorly applied training, long breaks, inadequate workload, the absence of some games and many other general mistakes made by a huge number of people today and every day would in themselves go into several encyclopedias, but I don’t want to talk about it today. Let’s focus on individual specific activities, exercises, activities that … Read more

How to take the first steps in the gym?

Что такое тренировки по системе «Изотон» | Marie Claire

The editorial staff has published its next, third book in a row. Like the popular publication Preparation for a Bodybuilding Competition from A to Z by Lukáš Roubík, it is a useful helper in the beginning. However, it does not focus on future bodybuilders, but rather on anyone who is just touching the dumbbells in the gym and … Read more

How to start in the gym?

12 мифов о силовых тренировках

  Are you starting to work out and would you like to know how to do it? Do you want to eat better, but does it make it difficult for you to become familiar with sports nutrition? Are you groping for thousands of articles on weight training, diet and training? If so, the new guide from our … Read more