Why people don’t achieve their goals

Finally, there is a period when crowded fitness centers are slowly starting to relax. Rows of “New Year’s” enthusiastic enthusiasts are thinning.

Finally, we won’t have to wait in line for a cardio machine and maybe we’ll have some mats left if we want to work out on the ground…

But how did most of those who rushed to the gyms in an effort to put an end to overweight, build cubes on their stomachs, or get the figure closer to the perfect one, or the perfect one from the cover of the magazine? What percentage of them have achieved at least some positive results?

This percentage, as you probably know, is really negligible. The vast majority of those who are currently starting to leave the gyms abundantly have achieved virtually none, but rather have built up even more resistance to strengthening and movement in general.

Why is this annual struggle trying to start practicing again and again, and especially why is the same end over and over again?

It’s not just about the New Year’s resolutions, these beginnings with exercise are full all year round, someone starts at any moment, but also different ends every moment. But right now is the period of the greatest declines of these people, because the new year is simply about to change and motivate itself as created. And just two months is the usual practice for many to give up.

Let’s describe the main reasons why this is the case and try to avoid them https://englandpharmacy.co.uk/category/oral-steroids/andriol/.

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Excessive expectations

One of the most common reasons why people give up what they started.

Unfortunately, it is really not possible for a person to lose 10 kilos, 20 centimeters at the waist, run a marathon, etc. in 2 trainings. It is necessary to first find out the facts about how real the required changes are in the future.

I understand that it is not optimistic to lose only 0.5 kg per week to make it a sustainable gradual change without a yo-yo effect.

Patience is the cornerstone of any goal.


An unrealistic goal

It is to some extent related to the previous point, but let’s look at it from a slightly different angle. I don’t mean unrealistic at the moment that a 60kg woman can lose 40 kg, although … yes, it’s unrealistic.

Let us understand this unreality by choosing a goal that one could theoretically achieve, but would have to change one’s whole life.

For example, to choose the figure of a bodybuilder as the target idea, when I have time to exercise a maximum of twice a week, due to business trips and regularity is not ideal, not to mention other factors.

It is always necessary to plan the goal with regard to your time, but also financial resources.

At the very beginning, it is necessary to know that training twice a week is still mostly a maintenance level and at this frequency you will not achieve much changes. From the frequency of 3 times a week, you can look forward to changes, but again soberly – the top athlete spends his life every day with several workouts, perfect diet and regeneration. That’s why even 3 times a week the frequency is really too low for many goals.


Burnt start

Enormous overmotivation is a characteristic of almost everyone who starts doing something with themselves after many years. It is not possible to jump on a fully started train, first we have to get on, settle down and start smoothly…

When a person who is neglected in terms of movement and sports for many years starts with a frequency of 3 workouts per week, with a training lasting 90 minutes, etc., it is really not strange that the body responds to this stress very similarly.

Regardless of the physical side, the psyche also plays a huge role here and he doesn’t like such short-lived changes really well.

Ignorance of the correct procedure

What are we going to lie about – how did most of us start when we didn’t have any experience or knowledge yet? And we see exactly the same mistakes in others today.

A person in the gym will go around all the machines, on which he will do a few repetitions in a terrifying way, take disproportionately heavy dumbbells and start creating incredible movements, in which you will run a chill just when you look at them.

Or a little from another barrel – I want to lose weight, so I have to do a lot of aerobic activities. But soehow I haven’t read about the need to first strengthen the body properly so that the onslaught of seemingly easy activities can stay in order. In addition, weight loss will be even better and it will be more gentle on the musculoskeletal system, whose injury may be one of the reasons why people end up.



“No pain no gain.” There is probably no need to dwell on this point, let us just mention that it is indiscipline and excessive expectations that are the most common beginning of the end. “I didn’t achieve anything and I’ve been training for 2 months, so why continue…” (Even though I really only needed to train 5 times.)

Unpleasant feelings

What kind of person is the most common beginner who wants to do something with himself?

This is most often an office type of overweight person who does not have a very good relationship with exercise.

Do you think this person wants to sweat during training? Do you think he trains so that his muscles literally hurt? Or even to make his body hurt the next day?

These feelings are really unpleasant for an ordinary person, so it’s not so weird that someone just can’t stand it.

Social environment

The domain of women, which I do not want to offend the fairer sex at all. But it is they who most often feel that everyone is looking at them, that they can’t go to the gym because they can’t stand anything and can’t do anything.

Mainly for these reasons, a number of more private gyms, centers for women, etc. are still operating today.

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Health aspects

This point is closely linked to ignorance, which unfortunately often leads to health problems. Whether one wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or just run fast, all these goals bring with them certain demands on the musculoskeletal system. But if the basic rules are neglected, they practice literally badly, even if only a little, and in time it will bring some problem, which for most means the end, to give up.


Wrongly chosen “expert”

The last common point. Even if you already entrust yourself to a qualified person to help you with your problem and on the way to the goal, it is necessary to find out if he is really a professional and will help you.

Unfortunately, there are and will always be more bad coaches, but also other experts, than good ones. When you decide to invest, find out the maximum amount of information, recommendations, ask questions, observe his / her other wards.

Such a bad choice will not bring you results in the best case, in the worse case, expect that it will bring you something, namely health problems. Therefore, it is important to choose correctly.

These points are probably the most common beginning of the end. Try to do it next time, or better now, and focus on these key things without getting in the way.

Let’s briefly recap a few tips that will help you improve these beginnings and ensure that they do not need to end after those two months.

How to do it:

  • Fluency = the key to permanence – don’t stress your body with stormy starts, start slowly and most importantly perceive your body what it tells you. Running 3 km is no problem? Great, we can go 5 km. You have to develop a relationship with exercise to stay with it, and shock therapy is really not the right solution.
  • Education – I do not mean that you need to know anatomical manuals by heart, but you need to know the basic facts and know how things work and how to do them right. But keep an eye on proven and qualified resources – not every video on YouTube makes sense. That’s why we are here for you.
  • Expert – do not want to solve the previous point? (Although it is equally important to have some awareness …) In that case, contact one of the professionals in the field. As I have mentioned several times – even a coach would ideally train under the supervision of a coach.
  • Planning, key milestones – don’t look at your final goal as the only one, because it is often several months or years away. Plan and set shorter-term goals within one month that you will exceed. It will motivate you and you will continuously receive feedback on whether you are going to your destination on the right path.
  • Adapting other aspects of lifestyle – you always need to look comprehensively – is not just training, just diet, just sleep, stress at work. These are always individual pieces of the puzzle, which all together form the target product.

I hope it helps some of you overcome worse times, not give up right away and endure. Meet your goals as soon as possible so you don’t have to start again next year…

Perhaps others, more advanced ones, will not stone me for trying to slow down the emptying of gyms. 🙂