How to start in the gym?


Are you starting to work out and would you like to know how to do it? Do you want to eat better, but does it make it difficult for you to become familiar with sports nutrition? Are you groping for thousands of articles on weight training, diet and training? If so, the new guide from our publishing house is just for you!

The author of this new publication is Ing. Jan Smejkal, editor of, whose articles are among the most read on our server. We believe that this publication will also find many supporters.

How to train successfully?

The book begins with the greatest mistakes of beginners and the ten assumptions of successful training. These are the basics to follow if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your training efforts. And if you know the prerequisites for a successful training, you can finally embark on it. The guide describes the best exercises for each game, along with the basic schedules of the training program for beginners. The most common mistakes made by beginners are also taken into account.

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The importance of sports nutrition

Almost the entire second half of the handbook focuses on very important knowledge in sports nutrition. Here you will find a number of practical advice and recommendations that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life. At the end of the nutritional part, several pages are devoted to supplementation, which is often the first thing that beginners reach for.

A short and useful helper

The book Basics of Training and Sports Nutrition (1st) is a useful guide to the first eight weeks in the gym for all those who want to have comprehensive and concise information in one place and want to get the most out of their training and diet.

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