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I may have gone too deep in the previous paragraph. Or did I just spend too much time alone thinking about push-ups? and pull-ups. Or maybe both. Who knows? But whether you agree with my theory or not, there is no denying that pull-ups are underestimated by modern athletes. When the torso is mentioned, everyone thinks of chest muscles, strong arms, and broad shoulders. While these pushing muscles are certainly important, compared to the musculature of the upper back-the pulling muscles-such muscles are simply suffocating. The largest muscle of the body — the latissimus dorsi – originates from the armpits and, covering the lower corner of the scapula, goes down, forming a “wing”. Most of the back muscles — the trapezius, posterior deltoid, rhomboid, and round muscles-work in traction exercises, but almost all the work is done by the latissimus dorsi muscles. These muscles are not only large, but also incredibly responsive — as if their cells are programmed to expand when stimulated. Look at the modern bodybuilders-their most impressive muscles are not on the legs or arms, but on the back, many of these guys have the widest back muscles that look almost like wings. Even hard-core bodybuilders who find it incredibly difficult to add volume to their breasts find that after working out the latissimus dorsi muscles, their breasts literally get bigger before your eyes. It’s as if these muscles — powerful tools developed by our ancestors-are dormant, but ready to grow at any moment as if by magic.

Подтягивания — виды, техника, таблица и упражнения

Unfortunately, modern back training programs include far from safe exercises with a barbell and dumbbells, which increase the load on the lower back and spine, and this, in turn, leads to damage and tension. This is probably due to a wide variety of exercise equipment — from horizontal and vertical deadlifts to sitting blocks. Why are they so popular? Yes, because exercises on simulators are much easier to perform! You can sit down or even lie down and play with your weight back and forth. Exercise machines make it easier to perform exercises — they are of no use at all, as long as steroids are not used. And guys on steroids don’t get any stronger, they just get blown around and look like a ridiculous pile of muscle.

Forget about all the exercises you did in the gym — you don’t need them. The fastest and, most importantly, safest way to develop your back is modest pull-ups. This is a basic exercise for the back, because nature itself has laid the mechanism of pull-ups in the human body, and all you have to do is just “wake up” it. In the modern world, there are not many situations in which you can use pull-ups, but we can not give up such a rich genetic inheritance. All the deadlift muscles are involved in the pull — up-every muscle is worked out, and after a very short time, your shoulders will become powerful, and your fingers will become strong as steel.

Pull-ups build muscle and strengthen your fingers and hands, even if you don’t do any special exercises. The rotator cuff of the shoulder gets its share of the payload. Moreover, pull-ups strengthen the abs and thighs — they get an isometric load, because in normal life you rarely have to hang yourself off the ground. For beginners, the abs ache even more than the back muscles.

Big biceps

Even bodybuilders admit that pull-ups can build back muscles, but not everyone knows that pull-ups are the most effective exercise for building biceps. Many people pump the biceps on the simulator, forgetting that this exercise isolates all the auxiliary muscles, because it works the muscles only through the elbow joint. Pull-ups are a complex exercise in which the biceps is trained by moving two joints — the elbow and shoulder. This is how the biceps works naturally, and as a result, this small arm muscle becomes very strong when used in this way. Most of the load will be performed by the widest ones. But the biceps will be a necessary link in a powerful basic movement and will be stimulated to the maximum. And then it will receive a hormonal response and maximum adaptation to this load. No wonder gymnasts have such a powerful, well-defined bicep that looks like a good melon! If you want to have the same one, put the barbells and dumbbells away. And start pulling up!

Растим крылья.Как правильно и много подтягиваться?

The safest exercises for the upper back

A person is born for pull-ups. This is the safest exercise that works according to natural biomechanics, and not against it. This is very important, because the back, if trained incorrectly, is easily injured, and a healthy back is the basis of a healthy life. The lower back is often injured, mainly due to incorrect lifting techniques. But no one has ever suffered a back injury due to pull-ups.

When the legs are in the air, the lower back does not receive any external load — during the exercise, the back remains in its natural position, preserving the curves inherent in the body — the spinal straightening muscles work.

Regular pull-ups work out the muscular corset and protect your back from injury. Many powerlifters have an unnaturally developed outer delta due to performing all sorts of hand presses. Due to the imbalance in the development of the shoulder girdle, such athletes are susceptible to various injuries. Pull-ups strengthen the posterior deltoid muscle in the shoulder. By gradually adding pull-ups to your workout, you will get rid of unbalanced shoulder and arm development in a short time, thereby preventing various types of injuries. The correct technique will strengthen your joints, which is not possible for other exercises for the back.