I’m starting to practice (II.) – setting priorities, beginnings

Today, we will focus mainly on the issue of the very beginning of what to do before a person goes to the gym or another sports center.


Of course, this is usually the only, certain thing that even a beginner certainly does not miss buy cytomel online uk.

I emphasize this intentionally, because we will work with him a little more in the next paragraphs. It is necessary to determine a specific goal, ideally according to the principles of the abbreviation SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound):

  • S – specific – it is important to determine the exact type of goal you desire; that you say “I want to feel better, I want to look better” is a nice goal, but it is not objectively evaluable. If you want to achieve something, you must know that you are really moving towards that goal, so that you can possibly change the path (training) that leads to the goal.
  • M – measurable – it is always necessary to focus on specific numbers – how many kilograms I want to lose / gain, how many centimeters, what percentage, what time I want to run, how many I want to do push-ups, etc.
  • And – achievable – there is probably no need to comment, it has a lot to do with another point.
  • R – realistic – it is necessary to set goals that are possible at all with respect to the time horizon, which is another point.
  • T – time-bound – a very important part – to set a date when I will achieve this and that. Believe it or not, it’s not just nonsense and making simple things more complicated.

When I look only at my practice and remember the stories of the clients, most of them have already tried to practice, they have already tried to solve their problem and fulfill their goal. But after a while, they usually stopped for a short time because their goal did not come. But they never thought about whether it was realistic at such times what steps to take, and for example they often said “I want to lose weight”, but when they gained some pounds after the first few workouts, which is a normal effect, they left the training.

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Input data

In order for your goal to be measurable, in order to assess whether you are making any progress gradually, you need to know your current body information, just know the numbers that should begin to change.

It does not matter at all that you do not have expensive measuring devices available, because the availability of the normal ones is already very good and every modern fitness center has a similar measuring device that will help you.

So what is important to find out as input data? Of course, those numbers should relate to what your goal is.


For most of the lay population, a very unfortunate figure that evokes, especially in women, panic hysteria and often leads to the determination of incorrect goals.

Yes, if your body weight is borderline and your doctor is already urging you to lose some pounds due to joint overload, blood pressure dependence, impending diabetes, then it makes sense to address these numbers.

If you do not suffer from more developed obesity or significant underweight, this is just a number that should be taken with a grain of salt, and it is necessary to focus on the following values.

Body composition – active vs. passive body mass

These numbers will give you a much better picture of how your body is doing. The ratio of the percentage of body fat and muscle in the body is much better.

If a person is overweight or obese, it is always necessary to work with the percentage of body fat. Depending on the training and exercises that have begun, the percentage of active mass – muscles – begins to increase, and thus the body weight can easily rise.

After all, muscle tissue is much heavier than adipose tissue due to the same volume.

Other values ​​that contribute to a better picture are, for example, the percentage of water in the body and the weight of bones. In truth, for a regular beginner, this data is quite useless, perhaps just a percentage of water, to realize at the beginning of training, when the weight did not go down or adjust the percentage of fat and muscle, that the training required more water.

These values ​​will be measured by a classic scale that has these functions. Today, it is no longer an unavailable device and it is a matter of several hundred, for better pieces several thousand crowns. It is not so important that it is extra accurate, we always work with some deviation, but mainly measure yourself regularly on the same weight so that the difference that occurs is objective.

Circuit measurement

Not only for reduction targets, this method is very helpful and simple. Everyone has a tailor’s tape at home or it is definitely not expensive to buy it.

Good advice – never measure yourself, it’s good to be as relaxed as possible, ie if you don’t want to measure the maximum circumference of the contracted biceps.


Yes, it’s not objective, measurable, but it’s a great method that will serve you much better than just looking in a mirror.

It is important to take pictures at the same time of day, I recommend the evening after dark, although artificial lighting is not ideal for taking photos, but it is clear that in two months, when the sun will look different at the same time of day, the darkness will always be the same.

It is also necessary to take pictures in the same place, in completely identical conditions.

I recommend taking at least three basic pictures: front, side, back.

Other measurements:

  • caliperation – measurement of skin algae
  • BMI calculations

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Regularity of measurements

This measurement is not only a necessary part of the beginning of every sports journey for a goal, it should definitely become an integral part of the whole journey. It is necessary to measure regularly, ideally once a month, unless it concerns some extra short-term specific goals.

A necessary factor in measuring to ensure the highest possible accuracy is the measurement conditions – you should always measure at the same time of day, in the same mood, regularly before or after a meal, the same with training. This will ensure that your resulting measurements will correspond to real numbers as much as possible and will not fluctuate just for example due to other hydration of the organism.

Measurement is not just about assigning work, it is also an important motivating factor – bad results will really force you to start, good results will push you to continue.