Squat. Shyb.


Basic exercises to strengthen and exercise the lower half of the body. However, the muscles of the torso are also important for stabilization, the strength of which you will appreciate especially in the next phase of training, when you add an external load.

If you do not have ambitions in weightlifting, explosive disciplines of athletics, bodybuilding and the like, a relatively shallow variant of squatting will suffice, but of course the goal should be to increase the mobility of the pelvis and adjacent areas and you should be able to perform correct repetitions in full. Avoid deep squats and stop before the stage when the thighs are horizontal and there is no right angle at the knees. This minimizes the risk of injury, which is significant if you do not master the deep squat technique perfectly. As this exercise, with insufficient mobility, is accompanied by a number of accompanying movements, which place a considerable strain on the spine. Right angle and strictly horizontal thighs with the ground are not suitable due to the highest pressure on the knee joint and ligament structures.

After some time when the knees are stable enough, the muscles of the lower limbs synchronized, you can move on to deep squat training.

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Squat with grip

The basic helper that breaks down the balance component is to stick to something.

Again, it pays to use multipress, where you can easily adjust the height of the axis you are holding. Of course, try to gradually break down the help of your arms. A more difficult variant, which is more suitable for guiding the exact path of squat movement, is the use of TRX.


Squats with a big ball

We can use the big ball again as one of the aids.

There is more use variant. One is, for example, to use a balloon as such security for the most difficult phase of the exercise, which is the lower part of the movement – landing on the balloon. It is important not to sit full weight, but to take the balloon only as a last resort and try to continue moving back after a light touch. Of course, choose the right size of ball to ensure the right range of motion.

Another option is to use the ball as a support behind your back, which will guide your movement along the wall. This option is suitable for shortened calf muscles, which do not forget to stretch.


How to make squats difficult

Is classic squatting easy and boring for you? It’s time to do something about it. Of course you can start adding discs … But there are other options, one of them is to use the instability to your advantage.

Try squatting barefoot – use the inflated side to stabilize mainly the ankles and knees – ideal for strengthening the lower limbs and stabilizing muscles after injury. Use the other side to maximize core muscle involvement and hip stabilization.

It’s not enough? Try all the above variants on one leg.




Pulls of all kinds are important for the development of muscles and strength of the back and arms. Of course, you also use these muscles often in everyday life – to pull somewhere, to swing over something.

Helpful help

In the world of fitness, there are already a number of specialized machines that will take you some pounds and thus simplify your upward movement. The so-called You will already find horizontal bars in many gyms, they will simply allow you to gradually remove the “bricks” and increase the attracted weight of your body again.

If these options are not in your area, you can easily improvise – use multipress again to lower the crossbar and place your feet on the back of the bench and even push away slightly from the beginning. Another option is to “lay down” your legs in front of you as if sitting and keep your torso running like in a classic bend.

Other options

Before you start with regular pull-outs, you can only try the negative, therefore braking, part when moving down. You will help yourself to the horizontal bar by jumping, which will give you inertia, and pulling will not be a problem. Hold the position for a while and then gradually lower the body slowly.

Upper pulley – a machine suitable for simulating the involvement of muscles during bending. Of course, you can use this machine even after mastering the errors to increase the load.

Of course, you can add an external load, a suitable variant is a weight vest, for which you can gradually hang an extra kilo. The vest is advantageous due to its load distribution during this exercise.