I’m starting to practice (I.) – introduction


Before I started writing this introductory article, I thought about the name of the planned series – what a complete beginner would enter into Internet search engines, for example, to get answers to his important questions. In the end, I took it quite simply and perhaps the name is clear enough and therefore usable for the group.

Target group

Of course, the phrase “I’m starting to practice!” Today and daily tells a huge mass of people who unfortunately do not go to throw “in one bag”, and it is not possible to write a “how-to” guide right for everyone. Therefore, even this series will be to a certain more general character and specific types, suitable and unsuitable variants, I will always try to distinguish in some style.

День рук, день ног: эффективны ли сплит-тренировки? | Фитнес | Онлайн-журнал #ЯWorldClass


Motivation to exercise is probably the only thing I can practically not help you with. Everyone has to find this in themselves, and in truth, until one is convinced of it, it will never last, or it will not begin at all.

So if you’re clear on this and want to start training for some reason, GO FOR IT!

Sources of information

It is not easy to take on the role of a practically untouched person, so it is difficult to imagine the style in which an individual would cope with the clutter and mass of various videos, articles and literature, which are available everywhere.

Unfortunately, in most cases, one reaches incorrectly and does not choose the optimal variant. Because of this, problems will arise very soon. In the worst case, the health, in the better, there are no results.

In any case, it will be very difficult to convince you that training as your role model, for which you actually started overall, is not the best choice.

In the next, first part, I would like to stop for a moment over phenomena such as crossfit, zumba, spinning, etc.

If this is also your case and you started thanks to these “sports”, do not hesitate to share your experience in the discussion.

Эффективная жиросжигающая Табата тренировка СПб


Recommendations for a number of different exercises, exercises, sports will appear in this series…

I would also like to mention some interesting pieces from the literature that are worth reading.

But since this is something new, something that should be mainly for you and not like my exhibition in writing – please do not be afraid to write a specific question and general topics that you would like to see here. Topics that would help you get started and go in the right direction.