Tension mobility – a key but missing component in your training

Почему так важно развивать гибкость тела и какие упражнения в этом помогут  - The-Challenger.ru

The inclusion of mobility in the training unit has become an increasingly common practice in recent years, and gradually the ratio of different variants of the static form of stretching is changing in favor of mobility, which is certainly commendable. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the long-term popularity of CrossFit and the associated demands … Read more

Exercise against the aging of body and spirit

The topic of this article is what none of us can avoid. It is age or individual irreversible physiological process of involution of the organism. Aging brings us certain unpleasant changes in body function that we have not encountered before, and we each deal with them differently. However, we will describe here how it is very easy to … Read more

Lose weight meaningfully and without injury

When trying to reduce excess fat reserves, it is necessary to proceed with caution and prudence. It is not enough just to compile and follow a rational nutrition plan. We need to reduce weight reduction as well as the overall lifestyle adjustment. An equally important role as a careful selection of quality food in the right amount is also played … Read more

What are the best exercises for triceps: We have 5 tips for you

Massive hands are certainly a dream of many athletes visiting the gym. In the previous article, we imagined the biceps , which is definitely more popular, but most of the hand is made up of the triceps, so it is appropriate to exercise it regularly as well. So let’s imagine the best exercises to create a “horseshoe” that the … Read more

Take a look at the 7 most important exercises in each workout!

Становая тяга как инструмент построения сильной спины | Бодибилдинг,  Упражнения для спины, Теория, Train For Gain

  No matter what type of exerciser you are, or how your training is organized in a full body style, ie during one training unit you exercise the whole body, or you have training divided into pressures / moves, or you prefer split by parts, below you will find the most effective exercises that you … Read more

Work on your squats, even when you’re tall!


  The big guy’s journey to the first push If you are tall, heavy and have long arms, it is quite possible that you will not be able to do a single bend. That’s not right. Strength is power. Everyone should be able to practice push-ups. You too can find a way to work towards them, despite your somatotype. … Read more

Follow these tips and improve your bench!

Фитнес с Алексеем Василенко: самые эффективные тренировки для снижения веса  | Posta-Magazine

  1 – We will first discuss the basics: The head, upper back, buttocks and legs are in contact with the bench or floor. The shoulder blades are retracted to keep your chest up. The back is slightly arched. You lower the axis onto the nipples and your elbows are vertically below the axis. You push … Read more

Supplements – dietary supplements for athletes

Витамины и добавки в спорте

Vitamins are vital for the body. We all hear about it, but who among us really knows what the lack of vitamins and minerals will bring us? Where to buy vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements? We would recommend you to buy food supplements online. Of course – anyone who is interested, food supplements can … Read more

What to do with severe muscle pain

Как избавиться от жестокой мышечной боли

We all know muscle pain. We can’t even lift the fork to our mouths, and some walking up the stairs is out of the question. So what can we do to prevent muscle pain? And how can you help when our muscles hurt for the next few days? How does muscle pain limit us? Muscle pain caused by … Read more